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About the Outer Banks Surf School

Head instructors Chris Hunter and Zack Knapp have been surfing together year round on the outer banks since they were 7 years old.  Both are CPR/FIRST-AID certified and experts in ocean safety.  Their passion for surfing has taken them to such destinations as Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Barbados, Tortola, California, El Salvador, Panama, Hawaii, Mexico, all over Indonesia and all over the east coast. They are happy to share their knowledge and experience with others.

Your Coaches

Chris Hunter

Head Instructor

Started surfing at age 7 on the outer banks taught by his father and has been surfing with Zack ever since.
Surf Travels- Puerto Rico, Barbados, Tortola, California, Mexico, Hawaii, Panama, EL Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, New Zealand, and Indonesia.
Favorite wave- Gland, Indonesia and Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.
Hobbies- Surfing, Fishing, traveling, grilling, snow boarding, being outside, gardening, yoga, and sports.
Offseason- Carpenter and traveling.

Zack Knapp

Head Instructor

Started surfing age 7 on the outer banks taught by his father. He and Chris have been surfing with each other since they first learned.
Surf Travels: California, Puerto Rico, Barbados, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Nicaragua, Mexico, Indonesia, and Panama.
Favorite Wave: Gland, Indonesia and Cape Hatterass Lighthouse.
Hobbies- Surfing, spear fishing, snow boarding, being an uncle, traveling, exercising, cooking, being outdoors, and gardening.
Offseason: Carpenter and traveling.

Max Fry

Surf Coach

Started surfing age 10.
Surf Travels- El Salvador, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, and Indonesia.
Favorite Wave- Hurricane swells on Highway 12.
Hobbies- Surfing, Fishing, hunting, boats, anything outdoors, and exercising.
Offseason- Fisherman and travel.

Jon Eric Cleaver

Surf Coach

Started Surfing age 7 on the outer banks taught by his father,
Surf travels- Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Panama.
Favorite wave- Pavones, Costa Rica, Anywhere on the outer Banks when it’s good.
Hobbies- Surfing, Traveling, sports, coaching soccer, and being an uncle.
Offseason- works at the North Carolina Aquarium, helps coach soccer at Manteo High and of course surfing and enjoying everything the outerbanks has to offer on the offseason.

Ralph Cleaver

Surf Coach

Surfing since age 7.
Travels- Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Spain, and Portugal.
Favorite waves- Matapalo, Costa Rica and South Nags Head.
Hobbies- Surfing, being a dad, sports, coaching sports, traveling, and surfing with his brother and dad.
Offseason- Teacher, soccer and basketball coach, and surfing.

Sam Sykes


Sam Sykes grew up surfing on the Outer Banks his whole life and has surfed all over the world. He moved to Hawaii in 2010 to surf big waves, where he found his love for videography/photography an has been shooting professionally since 2014.

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